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Later, they became available on the iPhoneCELEB USERS:Roger Federer used emojis to announce his comeback from an injuryAustralian foreign minister Julie Bishop sent an angry red face to describe Russia’s Vladimir PutinReality star Kim Kardashian developed her own range of ‘Kimoji’ symbols.The digital hieroglyphics are regarded as so significant that New York’s Museum of Modern Art, which is home to works by Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso, is exhibiting the original 176 designs.Endless emotionsTHE TRAILBLAZER:Shigetaka Kurita was working at major telecom NTT Docomo in 1999He sketched out one of the first emoji, a clunky looking thing barely recognisableIt was the precursor to today’s yellow smiley faceThe sun and umbrella symbols were among his earliest creationsThe New York’s Museum of Modern Art is exhibiting more than hundred designs.Kurita was working at major telecom NTT Docomo in 1999 when he sketched out one of the first emoji, a clunky looking thing barely recognisable as the precursor to today’s yellow smiley face.

Kurita was also experimenting with how to make information, such as weather forecasts, more accessible on the small screens of emerging cellphones, deciding visual aids would help.Keenly aware of how text messages could be misconstrued. We were all feeling the same thing," he tells AFP.For inspiration, Kurita says he tapped Japan’s popular manga comics and the country’s complicated writing system that uses two sets of phonetic letters mixed with Chinese characters, known as kanji.There are now about 1,800 emoji characters — and counting.Shigetaka Kurita, the man who created these characters, is still surprised by the success of his idea, but says he was meeting an obvious need. They cover everything from emotions and food to China wholesale umbrellas professions, are racially diverse and have become an integral part of the smartphone age. It is home to works by Andy Warhol and Pablo PicassoDespite being popular in Japan around the turn of the century, it took another decade for emoji to really take off globallyTheir success is in part due to the soaring popularity of smartphonesAround 2010, some tech firms adopted a standardised table so emoji could be used across different platforms. "It wasn’t only Japanese who felt inconvenienced when they were exchanging text messages.Tokyo: From a humble smiley face with a box mouth and inverted "V’s for eyes, crude weather symbols, and a rudimentary heart — emoji have now exploded into the world’s fastest-growing language.The sun and umbrella symbols —both open and closed —were among his earliest creations

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» Kurita was also experimenting with how to make information (سه شنبه ۱۹ شهریور ۱۳۹۸ | ۰۹:۵۸)

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